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“Would 1,000% recommend Grace Family Counseling. The staff is not only professional, but also very kind. Very warm and safe environment. Highly recommend!!” – Teri

“I love working with Kelly I’ve learned so much in 4 visits.” – Mary

“Grace Family Counseling is a great professional resource. As a licensed psychologist, I refer families to them often. Cindy, the owner, hires quality therapists and has such a kind heart. She ensures clients are appropriately matched with the best therapist to help them make progress.” – Meredith

“Nothing has given me more peace and regulation and stability than this therapy. Kelly is a phenomenal person and practitioner and I could not recommend her more highly. I went from jumping at shadows at every little shift in human behavior around me to being able to meet it with curiosity rather than being self conscious. Thank you Kelly. No amount of money is enough to repay you for what you’ve been able to do for me.” – Scorch

“I would 100% refer family and friends to Grace Family Counseling.” – Summer

“My experience with [Nuero] Feedback has been amazing helping clean up sleep issues, anxiety, and focus. Kelly has been great in working with me understanding this new and different technique. Grace has work with my schedule and been very accommodating. Would recommend it to anyone 10 out of 10.” – Kevin

“Cindy is an amazing person whose real life experiences have brought her to Grace Family Counseling to be able to help others. She has always had the utmost professionalism. She is able to work with client who is dealing with any type of situation. She uses a variety of therapies depending on the client’s situation, needs, and wishes. In a heartbeat, I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a counselor.” – Adam

“I highly recommend Grace Family Counseling. Cindy Isaac is an amazing therapist that has such a heart for those that she serves. She is one of the most kind, patient, intelligent and gifted therapists I know. Her practice comes from a deep commitment to her personal values and to helping and serving others. She is professional, confidential and approachable. Highly Recommend!” – Krista

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”

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