How to Deal with Grief: A Therapist’s Guide

February 14, 2023|

Grief is an invisible wound which can be reopened in an instant.  It creates anxiety about going places that may trigger you. No one wants to fall apart in public. Grief is like the ocean as it changes with the moon cycle. [...]

Keys to Successful Co-parenting

April 4, 2022|

Co-parenting is best described as a parenting arrangement between people who’ve separated or divorced and are working together to raise their kids. While the end goal of raising happy and secure kids may be shared among co-parents, the road getting there [...]

Too Busy for Self-Care?

April 4, 2022|

Life can be hectic and you may find yourself saying, “I’m too busy for self-care!”  But what if we redefine self-care as simply finding  moments in your day to put yourself first. What are some ways you can put yourself first?   [...]

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