Choosing a therapist can feel like a daunting process and you may find yourself worried about how you will know if a new therapist is a good fit for you. The most important part of the therapy process is the relationship you build with your therapist.  It is therefore understandable that you want to find a therapist that you feel a good connection with, someone you feel safe with to be vulnerable about your life.

Will I know in the first session if the therapist is a good fit?

Think of working with a new therapist similar to the process of starting to read a new book.  Reading the first page or even the first chapter does not give you enough information to fully decide if you like the book and want to commit to reading the whole book.  It can take reading at least 3 chapters to know if this is the book for you.  Similarly, it can take a few sessions with a new therapist before knowing if you feel a good connection and want build a strong therapeutic relationship with the therapist.  Give yourself 3 sessions before you make your decision on whether or not you continue to see the therapist.

Once you feel well connected to your therapist, the work you will do together in discovering and building hope, healing, and growth in your life will be an amazing! 

What if the therapist is not a good fit for me? 

You may be wondering, will I hurt my therapist’s feelings if I say it’s not a good fit?  The answer is no!  The relationship you have with your therapist is a professional one and our therapists want what is best for you.  We want for you to receive the help you are seeking and if it is not us, then we will give you support in finding another therapist who is a better fit for you.

Therapy is an invaluable journey and worth it to take your time to find a therapist that is a great fit for you!  Contact us today and let us help connect you with one of our amazing therapists.