Life can be hectic and you may find yourself saying, “I’m too busy for self-care!”  But what if we redefine self-care as simply finding  moments in your day to put yourself first.

What are some ways you can put yourself first?  

Check out these 7 ideas that take just a couple of minutes:

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and stretch – your body will feel great!
  • Download a mindfulness app on your phone and take a few minutes to practice mindfulness – your mind will feel more at peace!
  • Take 1 minute to do deep breathing – it will help your body relax and your mind refresh!
  • Listen to one of your favorite songs – enjoy the happiness you feel listening to your favorite song!
  • Journal 3 things you are thankful for today – this will help you shift out of negative thinking into positive thinking.
  • Find a podcast that inspires you and listen for 5-10 minutes – notice the encouragement and inspiration you feel while listening to the podcast.
  • Write a thank you note or email to a friend or coworker and tell them how much appreciate them – this will help you feel connected and happy to give encouragement to someone you care about!

Self-care doesn’t have to take you hours to do.  It can be just a few minutes of pausing in your day to do something that makes your body, mind and heart feel great! 

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